Committed to building capacity in programs and services; organizations and people; provinces and states

LMP Services

  • Curriculum design
  • Program facilitation and delivery
  • Managing human rights and discrimination issues
  • Community consultation
  • Planning, implementation and evaluation of education and training programs and services
  • Organizational, staff and community development
  • Legislation and policy development
  • Negotiation and administration of governmental and community-based agreements, programs and services
  • Training on privacy legislation and requirements
  • Development of program databases
  • Labour market information systems design
  • Community capacity building
  • Partnership development
  • Community-based facilitation
  • Case management practices and systems
  • Developing client agreements and plans of action
  • Contract management
  • Counselling and problem-solving training design and facilitation
  • Conflict resolution
  • Negotiating and mediating
  • Community Economic Development
  • Process consultation and customized solution design
  • Measurements and accountabilities in program delivery

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