Past and Current Project Sample

Design and delivery of Supportive Approaches through Innovative Learning, Ontario™s professional development program for management and staff of the provincial social assistance and employment program as well as associated human services

Design and delivery of the Professional Advancement and Career Education program for Ontario management and staff delivering the provincial financial and employment supports to persons with disabilities

Design and delivery of the Advanced Case Management and Development Program for Ontario social assistance and employment case workers and support staff

Design and delivery of the Law Enforcement Officer Programme for Combating Hate Crimes, a train-the-trainer approach to police education on responding to, investigating and prosecuting hate-motivated crimes for OSCE member nations

Facilitation of public sector senior management strategic and communications planning sessions at the provincial and community levels

Design and delivery of group facilitation training for trainers and educators at the community and provincial levels

Design and delivery of life skills training for a northern region

Keynote address for provincial family support conference

Presentation at Atlantic Provinces™ conference on serving people with complex needs

Design and implementation of labour market interventions and programs at the territorial and community level

Negotiation and implementation of provincial, territorial and local government partnerships, funding arrangements and delivery agreements

Research, training and evaluation of public sector programs and policies

Design and delivery of training on legislation and policy for public sector and NGO staff

Design and delivery of specialized training in coaching, problem-solving, decision-making, team building, employment counselling, conflict management, negotiating and change management for human service organizations at all levels, from state to community

Design and delivery of decision-making workshop for senior police command for a provincial police service

Create policy white paper on at-risk youth for government of Canada

Conduct research and recommend strategic action on labour market and youth issues

Design and conduct regional workshop on appropriate and effective note-taking for human services case workers and administrative staff

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