Profile of Marianne Seaton

Collaborative Strategies Incorporated

Marianne Seaton is the President of Collaborative Strategies Inc., a consulting company created to focus on organizational, community and staff capacity building. The capacity building approach characterizes her company™s work, building on assets to attain program, organizational and community objectives.  Currently Collaborative Strategies working on the co-development of a range of professional development programs for provincial and municipal governments, ranging from Interest-Based Negotiating Skills for the Ministry of Community and Social Services to a discrimination symposium for the Ministry of Health.

Until 2008, Marianne held the position of Director of Professional Development with the Ontario Municipal Social Services Association (OMSSA)  the Director of this province-wide association, Marianne has worked closely and collaboratively with municipal and regional human services managers and staff from the executive ranks to front-line deliverers in housing, social programs and emergency services staff in all aspects of education, training and development.¬  

Prior to working with the provincial association, which she also served intermittently  in the role of Executive Director, Marianne™s experience includes extensive front-line coaching and counselling at the regional municipal level with a wide range of community organizations dedicated to meeting the needs of at-risk youth and other socially excluded populations.

Collaborative Strategies Inc. builds on Marianne™s for education and training in the human services sector, and specializes in the processes and competencies necessary for creating sustainable capacity in communities and organizations and among staff in human services.

The corporate principal™s background also includes work in human rights and equity, in policy development, and in housing and homelessness advocacy and issues management. Marianne‚€™s work has taken her to many world capitals as a professional interventionist.

Marianne is well-recognized in Ontario and across Canada as an expert facilitator and curriculum designer.

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